Soup Dosing

Soep doseer

In addition to dosing sauces, dressings and purees, you can also contact us for dosing soups, with our LEONHARDT TG, AG and TGs series. These dosing pumps can dose creamy and clear soups, from hot to cold and everything in between. Thanks to the powerful rotating conical valves, we can supply a robust machine that […]

Cooperation with DERO GROEP in convenience

Wrap lijn automatisering

At PTPS Food, our mission is to create, develop or find the most suitable solution for our customers’ needs. To further meet the automation needs of the convenience industry, PTPS Food and DERO GROEP, formerly known as Bosgraaf Convenience, have entered a cooperation. In this video, you can see how a wrapping line was automated, […]

Althaus Wiegetechnik Merges with ITW (2021)

Lineaire weger

As per the first of January 2021, our supplier of linear weighers, Althaus Wiegetechnik GmbH, merged with Industrietechnik Werth GmbH (ITW). ITW is a German, renowned supplier for the food industry, including conveyor belts and packaging solutions. ITW is a family company with approx. 40 employess and is established in Birstein (close to Frankfurt). Mr. […]


With SHEFF, PTPS Food has added another machine to their portfolio. The company is continuously developing new solutions for customers who encounter complex problems, including the SHEFF. The ready-to-eat salads and fresh packages are an indispensable part of the supermarket. The market demand to automate the monotonous work of putting sachets and cups in packaging […]