In addition to dosing sauces, dressings and purees, you can also contact us for dosing soups, with our LEONHARDT TG, AG and TGs series. These dosing pumps can dose creamy and clear soups, from hot to cold and everything in between. Thanks to the powerful rotating conical valves, we can supply a robust machine that can dose soups with large particles up to 40 by 40 mm.

The dosing machinery of LEONHARDT, that work with powerful piston cylinders, can be installed on various packaging systems. From tray sealers, thermoformers to horizontal bag machines. For tray sealers we can configure the machine as a start-stop or as a continuous line.

The machines from LEONHARDT are known for their machines to be tailored to the wishes of the customers. The hopper can be supplied in different sizes and optimized in such a way that, for example, the soup does not separate. As a standard option we can supply the dosing machines with vertical movement to ensure that the product does not spill.

The universal and mobile machines can be used in different lines, and the modular design allows dosing with different products and weights.

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