As per the first of January 2021, our supplier of linear weighers, Althaus Wiegetechnik GmbH, merged with Industrietechnik Werth GmbH (ITW).
ITW is a German, renowned supplier for the food industry, including conveyor belts and packaging solutions. ITW is a family company with approx. 40 employess and is established in Birstein (close to Frankfurt). Mr. Dieter Althaus will continue his work full time at ITW.

This entails that our linear weighers from now on will be constructed under the name of ITW. The weighers are known for their handling of fresh, sticky and difficult products. A robust design, and easy to clean and handle. The linear weighers can handle big and small weights, weigh and count different products.

Together with ITW, Dieter Althaus will continue to build and advance the linear weighers. The merger guarantees machine quality and deliveries. PTPS Food of course remains your partner for linear weighers, service and parts. For more information or questions, don’t hesitate to call or mail.

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